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1201 S. HOPE

Onni Group has been scattering the Downtown Los Angeles skyline with mixed-use residential hi-rise buildings.  This South Park project, designed by Chris Dikeakos, will be comprised of a 7 level podium with 38 story and 30 story residential towers.  We came in to redesign the shoring system for the 5 level, 55 foot garage.  The mat foundations, engineered by Glotman Simpson, varied in thickness up to 120”.  The tieback braced shoring accommodated for the Metro’s light rail at the Pico Station, keeping deflections down to half an inch.  Revit was used to coordinate the three rows of ties at the reentrant corner to insure that the cased tieback shafts could be drilled with ease.  Leon Krous Drilling, the shoring contractor, tested all the tiebacks including the 234k, 8 strand, pile-in-wall tiebacks with ease.

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