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The second of the Blvd 6200 projects is located on the south side of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  The large apartment, retail and parking mixed-use Clarett West Development brought us 54 feet below the previous asphalt parking lot.  The Hollywood/Vine Station of the Metro Red Line sits just north of the project in Hollywood Boulevard as well as a portion of the north west in Argyle Avenue.  The North side of the excavation had to use internal bracing as the space between the soldier piles and the station walls was less than 5 feet.  20 to 42 inch diameter raker pipes with walers up to W36x247 were used to support the piles.  The most complex aspect was the raker pad coordination a lack of soil support; immediately in front of the pad was another basement level offset from the building perimeter.  With limited soil support for the basement cut in front of the pad, a 5.5 foot by 13 foot concrete raker foundation was poured with tiebacks on 4 foot centers to hold back the pad. Other sides of the project were supported with tiebacks.  Tieback agreements were not secured with a small parcel at the south.  Corner-braced and raker shoring was used around the entire perimeter of this lot with extensive coordination with columns and shear walls and for wall, deck, and foundation blockouts.

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