Earth Retention Systems

When excavating near buildings and utilities it is necessary to support the walls or sides of the excavation from caving in. Cefali & Associates specializes in designing temporary and permanent earth retention systems that accomplish this efficiently and economically.

A. Sheet piling
Steel sheet piles 1′-6″ to 3′ wide are driven into the ground with an impact or vibratory hammer. Forms a continuous wall that prevents even water from entering. Commonly used in areas with high groundwater and/or poorly graded sand.

B. Cantilever Soldier Piles
Economical for excavations not exceeding 15 feet in depth. The piles are first placed into drilled shafts and filled with concrete. Wood lagging is then installed as excavation develops. A shotcrete retaining wall can then be added to the face for a permanent shoring structure.

C. Tiebacks
Generally the most efficient system for deep excavations. Can be used with soldier piles or sheet piling. Prestressed ties are installed to help carry the load. This is the preferred method for a typical basement excavation on at least two levels.

D. Other Bracing Systems
When it is not allowed by building codes or neighboring property owners, an internally braced system can be used. This can consist of soldier pile or sheet piling systems and are internally braced. This bracing can be inclined rakers or corner or cross braces.

E. Other Types of Wall Structures and Methods
Soil Nail Systems, Secant walls or tangent piles, Slurry Walls, etc…

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